Have you noticed longer cooldown times, sudden rises in temperature, or residual gasses?

It may be time to refresh your system!

The ColdEdge service department is fully capable of maintaining any cryogenic equipment we sell to your lab, thanks to partner certifications and special training with all our products.


  • Evaluate and determine maintenance needs
  • Refurbish equipment at the ColdEdge facility
  • Keep your system running at full capacity


Evaluation $ 750.00
Overhead and Labor costs for leak checking, testing, and troubleshooting system.  This fee is waived if repair cost exceeds the evaluation fee amount.
(Lead Time: 1 week)
Gas Clean Up $ 1,000.00
Replace existing gas with 99.999% Ultra Pure Helium. 
Cold Trap and remove contaminates.
Helium Refill/Charge $ 500.00
Fill system with proper helium pressure using 99.999% Ultra Pure Helium.
Charge/Vent Adapters $ 750.00/set
Replace connectors that mate with the fittings on the compressor. Sold as a set for charging and venting.
Rental Program $ 1,000.00/item
Compressor and Cold Heads (if available upon request).  Contact ColdEdge for further details.